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John Rubio
Rethunk Media conducted a video interview with John Rubio, founder of Austin Sketch Group.

Coming soon.

4 July 2005: Do The STAPLE!
Inspired by the dance subculture documentary Rize*, Uncle Staple demonstrates the mysterious dance revolution known as "STAPLING!" (known by some as "honking") outside Red River Café. Randy Lander (w/ white shirt) of The Fourth Rail and Toby Craig (w/ green hat) of Punish the Dead fame observe this new art form.

Honking (AVI) (3.2 MB)
Honking (QuickTime) (2.9 MB)

*Rize is great, by the way. Go see it.

1 July 2005: Audio samples
Check out the audio excerpts page for audio samples from the interviews of the show's special guests.